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Jiri Straka is really one of very few non-Chinese, who had the opportunity to study authentic ink brushwork and actually even on prestigious Beijing academy. Straka´s work is on the borderland of traditional and modern ink painting. There is a parallel with the life on the borderland between China and Czech, two countries with different history and culture, where this artist alternately lives. Besides his studies of sinology on the Charles university, which gave him wide insight into the phenomenon of the realm of the centre, he is also connected China with his marriage to a Chinese painter A Qin. Exhibitions in prestigious galleries, for example 798 Art district in Beijing, from domestic for example Rudolfinum Gallery or Kampa Museum, participation on Shanghai expo, cooperation with prominent artists for example WU YI, Tono Stano, Pavel Opočenský, Jiří Černický etc. confirm that Straka´s undeniable talent was fortunately discovered by the world and is still more and more deservedly presented to the world of modern arts.


1967 born in Prague
lives in Prague and Beijing

Studies and employment

1989 - 1995 Sinology at Department of Far East Asian Studies
Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague

1995 - 1996 study residence at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing
2002 - 2006 employed as a restorer of Asian Collections of the national Gallery in Prague
restoring of Chinese paintings and calligraphy on paper and silk
2014 host professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts


The Book 108 Haiku edited by Asiatika s.r.o. 2015

Catalogue of Beijings exhibition in Today Art Muzeu v Pekingu, year 2010

The Book "Live Painting" is about Jiri Strakas work in live painting


Inventory of solo nad collective exhibitions Jiri Straka

Solo exhibitions
2015 Tušová staveniště - Galerie Václava Špály, Praha
2012 Chinese from Czech, Times Art Museum, Peking
2012 "The Frontline - Chinese from Czech", Pekingské muzeum současného umění, Čína
2011 "The World", Jiří Straka´s Ink Painting Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2010 "Zartes Grauen", Arteversum Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany
2009 Jiří Straka - Paintings, law office Pierstone, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Samsara, 798 Space, Beijing, China
2007 Heart, Gallery in Chapel, Bruntal, Czech Republic
2006 Flower of Heart, Gallery Jidelna - VMG Česká Lípa, Czech Republic
2006 Flower of Heart, Shenzhen Fine Art Instutute, China
2005 Jiří Straka - Ink painting, Museum Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 Jiří Straka, Písecká brána, Prague, Czech Republic
2002 Jiří Straka, Paintings, Embassy of Czech republic in Beijing, China
2001 Jiří Straka - Ink Painting, Taipei, Taiwan
2000 Jiří Straka - Ink Painting, Shenzhen Art Museum, China

Group exhibition

2014 "The Waking Dragon" Prague, Kinsky Palace
2014 "Late summer" Czech Embassy in Beijing
2014 Contemporary Ink Painting, 798 Space, Beijing, China
2013 Contemporary Ink Painting , Wuhan, Museum of Fine Art, China
2009 "Undercurrent", Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech republic
2008 Painting rebellion, Gallery TN, 798 Space, Beijing, China
2007 Painting rebellion, Inter Art Center, Beijing, China
2003 The 4th International Ink Painting Biennial, Shenzhen, China
2002 Traditional Ink Painting, City Hall Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2001 The 3rd International Ink Painting Biennial, Shenzhen, China
1999 The 2nd International Ink Painting Biennial, Shenzhen, China

Live painting

2010 Czech Pavillion, EXPO Shanghai, China
2009 Festival of Contemporary Art, Xian, China
2009 Temple of Longevity, Changchun, Jilin, China
2008 Painting rebellion, TN, 798 Space, Beijing, China
2007 Painting rebellion, Inter Art Center, 798 Space, Beijing China



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Na počátku dubna roku 2014 se uskutečnila velká výstava tušové malby významných čínských umělců s účastí Jiřího Straky v New Ink Gallery v Pekingu. Účastnili se umělci Li Jin, Liu Qinghe, A Hai, Wu Yi, Lv Peng, Jiří Sraka ( Yi Rui ), He Zubin, Lin Yueping. Pro všechny umělce byl námětem kůň, dle čínského roku koně. Výstavy se zúčastnil i český velvyslanec v Pekingu pan Libor Sečka.